Arjun Saksena

Arjun Saksena

Product Manager

city California

Product Leaders Product Manager Product Strategy


Arjun is a Product Mentor at ProductDojo and co-founder at GrowthSimple. Arjun has been responsible for launching products that affect millions of users on a global scale and worked on both B2B and B2C products including crafting go to market strategies. Product management goes hand in hand with entrepreneurial skills, and he was an early member at FastForward Networks, which was acquired for $1.3B by Inktomi and Head of Product and a key member of the management team at Streamlogics, which was acquired by Thomson Reuters. He is co-founder and VP, Products at GrowthSimple, a seed-stage SaaS Data Analytics startup. As the PM coach at ProductDojo, he has worked with our team of Product Leaders in Silicon Valley, to craft the PM MasterClass program from the ground up to address the core issues faced by Product Managers today. He is passionate about coaching and mentoring and has worked with Product Teams at Sabre, Plusgrade, Codewise, Avatao among others and run Product workshops in the US and Europe with attendees from Google, Paypal, Cisco, Oracle, McKinsey, ABB, Dynatrace, Qualtrics and many other technology companies. 

Arjun can help mentees progress in their Product Management career. Arjun prefers to work with advanced mentee with several years of PM experience. Arjun likes spending time with his 7 year old son and plays Tennis and Golf.


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